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Lanhong together with XiAn ABB help Dubai Hassyan Coal-fired Power Plant Project

Lanhong provides two sets of high-performance medium voltage switches for the ABB Dubai Hassyan Project in Xi'an, in conjunction with ABB MMECB capacitor cabinets.
The MMECB modular metal-enclosed capacitor cabinet manufactured by Xi'an ABB is an integrated and comprehensive solution developed by ABB Group for reactive power compensation of medium-voltage networks. It can be designed as a fixed or switched capacitor bank.
Switched capacitor banks improve power factor through single-stage or multi-stage automatic control and provide reactive compensation to utility users of power distribution systems and various industrial users. Many of these industrial users include minerals, pulp and paper, chemicals, petrochemicals, wind farms, plastics and heavy industries.
According to Xinhua Net: Dubai Hassyan project dock construction area is located in the local nature reserve. It is the first clean coal-fired power station in the Middle East under construction. Before the opening of the 2020 Dubai World Expo, the first unit will realize grid-connected power generation and provides the Expo energy security. The Hassyan Power Station project has designed four clean coal-fired units with a total installed capacity of 2,400 megawatts and a total investment of approximately US3.3 billion. It is expected to meet 20% of Dubai's total electricity demand after full operation in 2023.

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